Structure of the Parish Council

The Clerk is the paid officer of the Parish Council and is appointed to deal with the day to day running of the Council, arrange and clerk meetings, maintain records, deal with correspondence, oversee the burial ground, maintain financial records of the Parish Council and a host of other duties to facilitate the business of the Parish Council.

The Chair and the Clerk draw up the agenda for the meetings,these are displayed on noticeboards in the village a minimum of three working days beforehand. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (except August) from 7.30pm in the Village Hall. At each meeting there is a period during which residents and public may raise comment through the Chair, preferably having given prior notice to the Chair or Clerk.

The Parish Councillors have a shared responsibility to represent the views and concerns of their parishioners. Residents and other members of the public may contact any Councillor or the Parish Council Clerk to discuss their views and concerns regarding parish affairs, these may be raised during forthcoming Parish Council Meetings if necessary.

The Election of Parish Councillors

Election of Parish Councillors occurs every four years. Candidates must be over 18 years of age and on the electoral role of the village (maintained by South Northamptonshire Council on an annual basis). A candidate will also qualify if, during the whole of the twelve months prior to the election, he /she has resided in the locality or within three miles of it, or occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises thererin, or had his/her principal place of work there. Election forms are available from the Clerk or South Northamptonshire Council. Each candidate has to find his/her own sponsor and seconder. All information relating to elections is displayed on the village noticeboards. All Parish Councillors must agree to the Code of Conduct and notify the Council of their financial interests locally.

In the event of a Parish Councillor resigning, a casual vacancy will occur. Unless ten electors request an election to South Northamptonshire Council, this vacancy can be filled by co-option. Anyone interested in filling such posts will see notices advertising the vacancy.

Parish Accounts

The Parish Council is empowered to raise a precept from local parish electors as part of annual rates charges collected by South Northamptonshire Council.

During November and December the Parish Council work out their financial requirements for the following financial year (from April to March), taking into account any reserves it may hold. The Parish Council must budget for the Parish Clerk’s salary and expenses, the cost of street lighting, maintenance of roadside verges, village greens, burial grounds, provision of newsletters, reports and other items provisioned by relevant national legislation. The Parish Council requests a sum of money to carry out these functions -the precept- from South Northamptonshire Council, who raises that sum in the Council Tax.

The formal accounts are maintained by the Clerk and routinely monitored by a designated Parish Councillor. Additionally and most importantly, the finances and overall operation of the Parish Council are scrutinsed annually by both a locally appointed auditor and an external auditor, the latter working directly under the authority of the national Audit Commission.

The accounts are available for inspection on application to the Clerk. The audited accounts are included in the annual report in April of the following year.

Parish Councilor

Keith Simmons


Elected May 2015

I have lived in Eydon for a number of years, having moved with my wife, Angie,from Woodford Halse.

As I work based from home, I have a keen interest in the village and its surrounding countryside, and am determined that the Parish Council will do all we can to protect it from unsuitable development, whilst at the same time improving its amenities whenever possible.

Eydon is a great place to live and I want to play my part in keeping it that way and trying to involve as many other residents as possible to do the same.

My interests include local history, particularly railway history, railway modeling (member of Woodford Halse Model Railway Club), gardening, reading and travel.


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Richard Collins


Elected May 2015

I have lived in Eydon since 1983, first in Doctors Lane, before moving to 40 High Street in 2003. I did shift work at Kraft in Banbury for over 30 years which made participation in village activities rather difficult, although I always attended events when possible. I recently took early retirement and I am keen to maintain a more active role in village life.

I am a regular at the pub, where I put the world to rights at the bar.


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Andy Hartley

Parish Clerk

Appointed in September 2013.

The position of Parish Clerk is a paid appointment of the Parish Council and the duties are those of administration and support of the Parish Council, not one of decision making or influence. A lowly civil servant.

Special Interests

The work of a Parish Council Clerk is very varied and covers a wide range of required and acquired skills, as with my gardening job I am always keen to learn anything new to help me fulfill what is expected of me along the way. With my wife and family I live in Gayton and have done so for the bulk of my married life but I also have a strong affinity for this neck of the woods having worked on a large Farthingstone farm with additional land in Cherwelton.

I have a great respect for historic and rural Britain encompassing the peculiarities of village life and am acutely aware of their importance to many village residents, something one needs to be sympathetic to at times when performing the role of the clerk.

Away from my working life, cycling, walking the family and dogs, bell ringing and, more recently, learning to play the piano are what keep me going – with regard to the latter, my family tell me I have a long path ahead.

Tel: 07791 906773


Address: 17 Dean’s Row, Gayton, Northants, NN7 3HA

Councillor Gordon Anderson

Gordon Anderson


Co-opted 2020.

Since moving into the village in 2016, I’ve become a member of the Eydon Players, and I help organise the annual Eydon Village Fete. I am keen to involve the community more in the running of the village and I actively encourage residents to take a positive interest in our own little “Eden”.

I am particularly interested in addressing village security and safety issues in terms of road speeds and the apparent increase in property theft & damage.

I run my web design, marketing & consultancy businesses from home.


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Wendy Coy


Co-opted 2015

I have lived in Eydon for almost 30 years, and been part of various community groups at times throughout that period, depending on time available and the needs of work and family. I work outside of the village as Operations Director for the University of Warwick, and have also served as a Non Exec Director role with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. My career background is in HR and consultancy in a variety of settings and sectors. My limited spare time is spent with family and friends, gardening, swimming and pursuing music and dance hobbies.


Carol Henson


Elected May 2015

I have lived in the village for over 25 years, and believe it is time that I gave something back to this community. In my years here, I have been involved at committee level in the Women’s Institute, the Eydon Ladies Group and the Garden Society as well as being a member of other village organisations.

I have experience in conveyancing and administration, and am always interested in what Planning Applications have been submitted in the local area. Although I live in a relatively newer part of the village, I believe that the conservation area at the heart should be maintained and unsuitable development should not be permitted although I am in favour of more housing in other areas of the village, particularly if it is affordable by the younger or less well-off members of the community.

I strongly believe in social housing but appreciate that until local transport links are improved that it would be difficult to attract people to live in such a remote village.

Special interests

My other interests are photography, walking and history – local or otherwise.


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Jessica Maxted


Co-opted April 2016


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Jonathan Walker


Co-opted 2017