Reports of Meetings for 2012

Watch this space for reports on Eydon Ladies activities in 2012. But why wait until it’s all over? Take a look at the diary for details of our planned events and come along.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in the Village Hall on 18 January. Chairman Pam Taylor reviewed the speakers, craft workshops, challenges, BBQ, fund raising events, etc, which made 2011 such a busy and enjoyable year.

The programme of events for 2012 promises to be equally varied and interesting. Our next meeting on 15 February will be an introduction to Zumba, the increasingly popular Latin dance fitness programme. Meet in the Village Hall at 8.00pm. New members are always welcome.

February Meeting

Zumba – an exhilarating, easy-to-follow Latin-inspired exercise programme, was planned for our February meeting. Sadly our Zumba trainer was ill, so we reverted to what is always a good standby, an effective, easy to follow, Eydon-inspired jolly good chat, helped of course, by a glass of wine. It was an unexpected evening, but thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

Our next meeting is on 21 March when we will be entertained with ‘Anecdotes from a Legal Secretary’ at 8pm in the Village Hall. Non-members are always welcome.

Anecdotes from a Legal Secretary – Rita Bryant

Our speaker for our March meeting was Rita Bryant, who gave us a highly amusing talk. Starting with her life in London during the way, meeting her husband at infants’ school, moving to Norfolk, an encounter with a rather large horse involving a funeral parlour, and her advice never to book a cruise that she and her husband are on; it is sure to be a disaster. We all enjoyed a most entertaining evening.

Our next meeting will be in the Village Hall, on 18 April, when our own Celebrity Chef, Tim Williams, will give us a ‘Taste of India’.

Do come and join us – you will be most welcome.

Demonstration of Indian Cuisine – Tim Williams

Eydon Ladies and food are a combination that usually goes well together, so our April meeting proved to be a real indulgence. Tim Williams, of Divine Dining, entertained us with a delicious demonstration of Indian cuisine.

We sampled Rogan Josh, Chicken Korma and a spinach dhal, presented with Tim’s familiar good humour. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Our next meeting on 16 May, will be a trip to the Northampton Croquet Association when we will have tuition on how to play this old English game. We will leave the village at 6.15pm. Please contact Pam Taylor if you like to join in on this trip, so that transport can be arranged. New members are always welcome.

Croquet Tournament – Northampton Croquet Association

In May, Eydon Ladies and partners journeyed to the Northampton Croquet Club, located in the beautiful grounds of St. Andrew’s Hospital, for a lesson in how to play this game and to take part in a mini-tournament.

Croquet is a game of tactics and manoeuvring and we quickly got the hang of how to try to outplay our opponents, although co-ordination of eye and club didn’t always come together as we would have liked. It was very competitive and enormous fun. Congratulations to our player of the evening, Arasin Staubley.

Skittled by Lousy Weather

Owing to uncertain weather and heavy going underfoot, the walk scheduled for our June meeting turned into a Skittles evening. Amid much banter and laughter two teams were formed and the match began. With the back-drop of the European football currently in progress, the teams were compared to Sweden v England, with Sweden making a good come-back in the middle but England coming through and winning by two strikes.

Many thanks to Sue Lodge, our score keeper, and to the Royal Oak for their warm welcome and delicious nibbles, which we enjoyed so much that we didn’t have time for a replay!

‘No problems’ said the man with an axe

We were pleased to welcome several visitors to our August meeting, including three brave men, who watched with interest Martin Damon, a traditional green woodworker, using traditional tools and techniques, produce a wooden spoon from a beech log. We did wonder about ‘elf and safety’ as Martin worked with a rather large axe and some very sharp cutting tools, but, he assured us that all was well, and he had not had any problems on the courses he runs (no one going home minus any fingers!)

After the demonstration we were able to look at a selection of his beautifully carved spoons.

Our next meeting, on 19 September in the Village Hall, will be open to all the village: a talk on the work of Bletchley Park by John Chapman. Please come and join us for what we are sure will be a most interesting evening.

Ladies are let in on the secrets

Eydon Ladies were delighted to see so many visitors at the Village Hall on Wednesday 19 September to listen to Mr John Chapman give an insight into Bletchley Park.

He took us through the history of this fascinating period from the Enigma machine being handed over in the depths of a wood by the Poles, their mathematicians helping with the code, the young men and women working hours and hours deciphering codes that saved so many lives, to the invention of Colossus, the first computer.

Mr Chapman brought a replica Engima machine for us all to see. It was a most interesting talk and many of us now intend to visit Bletchley Park, where we are sure we will enjoy learning more about this secret place.

Our next meeting will be on 17 October, when we will be celebrating 21 years of Eydon Ladies, with music, champagne and a cake, specially made for us by Vivienne Fox.

Eydon Ladies celebrate 21 years of fun

Bunting, bubbly and birthday cake were all awaiting us as we arrived in the Village Hall to celebrate our 21st birthday. Our President, Pam Taylor, welcomed members past and present, including four past presidents. They were Chris Howes, Sonia Hawes, Sally Stretton and Sue Russell.

In a last minute change of plans (due to illness) Mr Pat Courtney kindly stepped in and gave us a fascinating illustrated talk on the world of fashion for Victorian ladies, starting with dampened muslin to the enormous crinolines and whalebone corsets, which caused many health risks – proving that ladies will do anything to be fashionable! At the end of his talk Pat called upon Lady Pamela and her maid Sally to demonstrate how long it took and why it took two, to dress a lady in a cinoline outfit. When she was dressed, Lady Pamela looked very grand. Unfortunately, Sally the maid lost her position owing to getting everything in a tangled knot and laughing too much!

Our thanks to Pat for standing in at the last minute and giving us such a fun evening. Thanks also to Carol Henson for the photos, Vivienne Fox for the chocolate birthday cake – which we all enjoyed – and Barbara Butler for the special raffle prize.

Our next meeting is on 21st November when we will be given a demonstration of Christmas sugar craft by Sandra Paybody.