21 Jan 2015 AGM followed by Social Evening Cheese and Wine – come along and see what exciting programme we have for 2015

18 Feb 2015 Carol Henson – Photography – bring along your camera and discover all about indoor lighting . What a lovely meeting this was with fun and laughter. Carol showed us all how we can improve our photographs

19 Mar 2015 “Japan” talk “All Sushi and Geisha” Japanese lives are very different – by Sue Yates. What a fine slide show and talk from Sue explaining Japanese lifestyle including wives in charge of finances. We also enjoy sampling Japanese tea and snacks

15 Apr 2015 Flower arranging by Ali Bolton – a wonderful demonstration and display of flowers and foliage using receptacles such as tin cans covered with ribbon making an inexpensive vase. raffle prizes were won by Judith Watson, Ann Hedges and Clare Jakeman – Well done!

20 May 2015 A talk by Geoff Pearce on “Royal Affairs” what a delightful meeting this was. Geoff a graphic designer showed his expertise and how he became a designer despite his mother’s warnings. Geoff enjoys his work so much that he feels he has not worked in years, producing all kinds of memorabilia

17 Jun 2015 Our Garden Party was held at Sue Invernizzi house despite the poor weather conditions much fun and laughter was heard with not time to participate in the quiz

15 Jul 2015 Eydon Ladies annual walk via Crockwell with refreshments at Cherry Tree Farm – what a delightful walk with weather bringing out the sunshine and delicious cakes and refreshments courtesy of Heather to help us on our homeward journey.

19 Aug 2015 Cakes cocktails and croquet in the sports field and evening to be enjoyed by all. Despite the threat of rain a splendid evening was had by all, we even manager to get in a couple of games of croquet before decamping to the pavilion and partaking in a few cocktails. Thanks to all who came along.

16 Sep 2015 A lesson in art – a talk and demonstration by Tony Hinchliffe. The meeting went off remarkable well consider we did not have use of the kitchen or main hall – however Eydon Ladies rose to the occasion by drinking wine instead of coffee and tea. The evening gave a splendid insight into the delicate are of charcoal drawing with the result that produced a very good drawing of Judith Watson.

21 Oct 2015 – An open meeting with Alan Watson giving a talk on the history of Old Time Music Hall a very entertaining evening with Eydon ladies joining in some of the old music hall songs.

18 Nov 2015 Eydon Ladies social evening with mince pies and mulled wine followed by a quz – what a splendid evening again with our usual fun and laughter, the winning team of Two Scones and a Rockcake celebrated by drinking more mulled wine

9 Dec 2015 Eydon Ladies Christmas meal – our last meeting of the year was spent at the Fox and Hounds with a delightful meal and wine.