Eydon Ladies Meetings in 2016

January Meeting

Richard entertained us with his collection of alternative coffins, proving that you did not have to have the normal pine, from paper mache, cardboard, wicker or woollen. There was even a flat pack version for the DIY enthusiast. The evening was rounded off with wine and nibbles.

February Meeting

Kick Start Appalachian Dancers on 17th February who explained the history of the dance originating in America with our own Queen naming the dances as Clogging, this was followed by a demonstration of the dances themselves. What a wonderful group Kick Start are as they danced with such enjoyment. Members were then given the opportunity to havea go themselves, with much hilarity at our poor attempts to replicate the few easy steps shown to us by Sue hartland and her group of dances

March Meeting

Eydon Ladies enjoyed a flower workshop with Sarah Hancock demonstrating different flower arrangements, with Eydon Ladies having the opportunity to create their own version. The Eydon Ladies produced some impressive arrangements and much camaraderie made a very enjoyable evening. Our thanks go to Sarah for her patience in helping us produce such inspiring displays. Foliage was donated by the members of the committee thereby bringing all shapes and variety of colours adding to the occasions.

April Meeting

Geoff Pearce “How a man manages a dinner party”
Eydon Ladies were met by an array of delicious smells as they entered the Village Hall on Wednesday 20th April followed by a glass of Prosecco and nibbles of cheese straws and mini quiches these were followed by a delicious two course meal of piri piri chicken and vanilla and lemon pudding all delectable and unexpected courtesy of Mr Geoff Pearce who delighted us with tales of how he first became interested in cooking and the reasons why. Even confessing that at first he did cheat on a few of his early dinners. A splendid evening enjoyed by all.

May Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 17th May with Sandra Peabody giving a wonderful demonstration on Sugar Craft. Sandra guided us through the various steps and tricks of the trade producing such great designs as roses and daisy

We were also given the opportunity of producing a modest creation ourselves, although clearly some of us had more talent than others as my effort clearly showed the latter. Our thanks go to Sandra for making our evening so special and for her patience in helping us produce such inspiring sugar craft.

June Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 15th June at Eydon Community Sports Field and despite the very inclement weather the Ladies enjoyed a social evening, although unable to play the intended game of Boules decided to relish the opportunity of having good conversation as well as a glass or two of wine with nibbles.

Our next meeting will be held on July 20th at 7.00pm which will see us convening outside the Village Hall in Eydon prior to driving to Jenny Cherry’s for our annual Garden Party. Please let committee know if you are coming so transport can be arranged.

July Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 20th July for their annual Garden Party held this year at Gwen’s who kindly stepped in at the last minute as our original choice was not available due to circumstances beyond our control and could not take place.

At last the summer had arrived and the Ladies took part in a game of Jenga. Geoff Pearce also came along to take photographs of the evening and will present Eydon Ladies with results We then partook of cheese and wine together with the usual good humour and conversation; ending an unexpectedly good evening due to the warm weather and excellent company.

Sally presented Eydon Ladies t-shirts to team members who will representing our group playing croquet at the village event on 24th July

August Meeting

Well I can say that at long last the Summer had definitely arrived for Eydon Ladies meeting on Wednesday 17th August. We met outside the Royal Oak to begin our tour of Eydon together with Simon Evans and Kevin Lodge both members of Eydon History Group.

We then split into two groups for the walk around our lovely village gaining knowledge and hearing of legends and tales from yesteryear. After our tour we then retired to the Royal Oak to discuss/talk and joke of the stories we had heard during the evening. We also welcomed to the tour Sarah, Denise, Kim, Ann and Carrie who we hoped similarly enjoyed our Eydon Ladies evening.

Our thanks go to Kevin and Simon who were brave enough to volunteer to escort us around the village and impart their knowledge.

September Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 21st September; after using our meetings during the summer months for outdoor activities we were back in the village hall where we were treated to some gentle yoga exercises under the guidance of Ingrid Sylvester.

Ingrid demonstrated how yoga can be used whilst sitting in a chair, much to the relief of some of Eydon Ladies who did enjoy the experience. The evening went very well with all of us gaining knowledge of how yoga works.

We also welcomed two visitors Denise and Sandra to our meeting who we hope enjoyed the evening. As usual there was much to laugh at our attempts to replicate some of the moves with the evening ending with the usual cuppa and chatter.

Raffle prizes were won by Gill Keenan. Gladys Jeyes and Heather Ivens

October Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 19th October and enjoyed a splendid evening with Gillian Cane who entertained us with stories of the Mitford Sisters.

We all gained more knowledge and insight into the lives of all 6 Mitford sisters begining with Nancy the eldest down to Deborah the youngest all six sisters managed to live extremely interesting and sometimes controversial lives.

As our meeting was an open meeting we were pleased to welcome many guests who came along to this particular evening, followed by our usual cuppa and natter.

November Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 16th November and were greeted by Kevin Varty who entertained us all with the story of how the magic lantern developed during Victorian times. Many of the slides for the lantern were exquisitely painted by hand together with scratching of pictures upon glass.

Kevin told some of tales of horror portrayed in the earlier shows together with the later Victorian jokes of the day.

Eydon Ladies were then given the opportunity to participate in one of the story lines which involved bells, coconut shells and paper which was very amusing.

A great night enjoyed by all.

December 2016

Eydon Ladies met on Friday 9th December at The Plough Boddington for their annual Christmas Dinner. Our thanks must go to David, Barry, Keith, Peter, Ronnie and Geoff the men who agreed to chauffeur us to and from Boddington

The evening went well with Eydon Ladies appreciating the opportunity to have a good natter and a laugh as well as eating and drinking as only Eydon Ladies can do. Despite one of our members falling into to the lap of the person sitting next to her (this was not due to the amount of alcohol consumed but caused by a faulty floor board).

Sally then thanked members for their support and wished them a Happy Christmas and New Year

Our next meeting will be held on January 18th 2017 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall when we will hold our AGM followed by a poetry and pudding evening. Members are reminded to bring along membership fee of £25