Eydon Ladies Group Calendar 2019

16th January 2019

Eydon Ladies met in the village Hall for their AGM. Reports were submitted by Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary; followed by examples of different ways to tie scarf with the usual glass of wine and nibbles. Thanks were given to all the committee for their help and assistance over the year.

20th February 2019

Eydon Ladies meeting was held in the village hall on Wednesday 20th February, two visitors joining our group for the evening.

This month was a meeting to keep us all warm when we were put through our paces by Pat Cannell and Diane Charteris who explained the history of how country dancing was first introduce into Britain.

Initially dances were for the elite society but were very difficult and complicated and taught by French Dancing Masters.

However the elite noticed that the hoi polloi seemed to actually be enjoying simpler dances and this encouraged John Playford to produce a book called “The English Dancing Master” in 1651 which was used in country dancing for more than 200 years.

However Eydon Ladies spent a great deal of time in fits of laughter but tried very hard but with some of us not knowing our right from our left some confusion reigned but thanks to Pat’s patience we all had a very enjoyable evening.

The raffle prize winners were Jackie Plattner, Amanda Kerr and Val Reynolds.
Our next meeting will be held on March 20th at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Ingrid Sylvester speaking about her life as a dancer. All very welcome to join us.

20th March 2019

Nineteen Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 20th March, when we welcomed Richard as a visitor to our group for the evening.

Ingrid Sylvester an ex member of Eydon Ladies who recently moved to Bodicote near Banbury joined us for the evening to talk of her life as a model and actor in TV advertisement.

Ingrid born in Pimlico whose mother was a dressmaker for Hartnell and Dior and father from circus background explained how she wanted to become a ballet dancer and joined ART a stage school where a day was spent 50% on academic subjects followed by stage craft.

Her first audition took place in a caravan in a car park when she was 12 years of age this gave her the first opportunity to become an actress on TV. Her first role in The Silver Sword ran for seven episodes. After this Ingrid’s life change as she become more well known.

Ingrid danced in several well known ballets including 3 seasons at the Festival Hall in the Nutcracker. With commercial television more work was gained in TV advertisements from stork margarine, kelloggs, soap and many more. This was followed by photographic advertising work including Gratton catalogue.

Of course there were ti

17th April 2019

Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 17th April, when we welcomed Amy Davis who came along to talk about Neales Yard products.

Amy explained all about Neale’s Yard and how they began dealing with only organic, eco-frinedly products. Neale’s Yard winning many ethical awards over a number of years. Dealing with fair trade products making sure workers get a fair wage for their products. Neale’s Yard are investing in planting frankincense trees in Oman in order to maintain products made from frankincense in years to come

Eydon Ladies then indulged themselves making hand-polish with instruction from Amy, although we followed instructions carefully we had many different versions of the same hand-polish. The results meant all Eydon Ladies left with very soft hands.

Following the usual tea and biscuits Amy then donated a prize of one of the products which was won by Sally Stephens.
Other raffles prize winners were Sally Stephens, Ann Hedges, Ann Jackson and Gwen Bishop.

Our next meeting will be held on May 15th 2019 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Richard McMahon is joining us with a talk on Air Ambulance. Guest are very welcome to join us

15th May 2019

21 Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 15th May, when we welcomed Richard McMahon from the Air Ambulance Service.

Richard explained that the Air Ambulance Service covered, Derbyshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire with just two helicopters based at Coventry for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire and East Midlands airport for the other counties.

On average the service has 6 missions per day at a cost of approximately £1,700 per call out, with an area covering 3.8 million people. Each helicopter has a pilot, paramedic, specialist doctor. The pilots are usually ex military as they are used to flying low and landing in unfamiliar terrain, travelling at speeds of 185 miles per hour. The average time taken to arrive at an incident takes 13mins. As helicopters do not fly at night a night car service has now been introduced maintaining a 24 hour service for 365 days per year. As the service is not in receipt of government money it is always looking for sponsorship and fund raising for this worthwhile service. Raffle prize winners were Jenny Cherry, Val Jackson, Lyn Evans and Sue McRoberts. Next meeting on June 19th at 7.00pm outside V/H

19th June 2019

13 Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 19th June outside Eydon Village Hall prior to travelling to Bert Manton’s museum in Woodford Halse when we come across a further 3 members to join in.

Bert welcomed us all and explained the format of the evening by splitting us into two groups of 8 the first group visiting the museum where Bert intrigued us with many items in his collection enlightening us on the what each item was used for from spears for catching elvers to Land Army girls art of sewing thatch.

Bert then blew his teachers whistle for us to reassemble and visit other parts of his garden visiting the notorious Gypsy Caravan and the Victorian beach hut, we then attempted to play aunt sally and horseshoe game with the winner being presented with a bottle of wine and box of maltesers. Unfortunately no one was successful in the horseshoe game but Sandra won the bottle of wine by knocking Aunt Sally down five times – well done Sandra.

We all met up again in museum with Bert re-counting many tales of his time as a teacher and retirement and how he became interested in the art of using corn for making many many things made from corn, his talents included woodwork, carving and b