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Cricket, in some form, has almost certainly been played in the village for a considerably longer period than formally documented. However, it appears that 1877 was not altogether a good year for the game, as England lost the first Test Match to Australia in Melbourne.

Cricket Team outside Eydon Hall

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Locally it also marked the closing of Eydon’s second inn – The Black Moor’s Head. It was also the first year in which official records were kept for Eydon Cricket Club, mainly owing to the efforts of the Reverend Mr. W. H. Chapman, who came to the village in 1868.

Rev. Chapman established the club and its rules. Colonel Cartwright MP, who leased Eydon Hall from Viscount Valentia, was made Chairman; J. Malsbury was secretary; Rev. Chapman was treasurer and Messrs J. Bromfield, W. Sumner, C.J. Thompson and M. Ivens Jnr. formed the committee.

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Most important, Rev. Chapman provided the ground on which to play, next door to the Rectory. Known as The Rectory Ground, it was used as a recreation ground as well as for cricket; there were swings, football crossbars and jumping poles. He declared ‘I have made (it) for the promotion of true religion, healthy recreation and cheerful and innocent amusement in this place.’ (Seale & Preece 1978:4). In fact this is the same land that now we call Eydon Community Sports Field!

The above text is an extract from an article and booklet entitled “Maidens, Matches and More”published by the Eydon Historical Research Society. To read the full article, please click on the following link:  Eydon Cricket Club – A History April 2009 revised

A competitive season of Sunday cricket is arranged by the Club with some two dozen matches booked each season with at least half of them played ‘at home’. Details of the matches are usually available in The Eydon Village News

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Eydon Cricket Club 2020

The Club continues to co-operate with the Sports Field committee in helping to create a living sports field which is open to the entire village to enjoy. The continued success of Eydon Cricket Club, including the maintenance and upkeep of the much commented on and enjoyed ground, is a high priority to all involved.

You are invited to support Eydon Cricket Club in the form of playing, watching, supporting fundraising activities or giving your time, skills, expertise and match sponsorship etc.

Contact: John Grindlay (01327 260303) or Barry McRoberts (01327 261068) for further information.